Cinnamon Chip Snickerdoodle Cookies

It seems like cookies have taken a back seat, to the ever popular cupcakes and cake pops. No one can deny they are a classic comfort food, that can deliver time and again. It’s hard to believe, the first cookies were created by accident! They started out as little cakes, much like the fluffy whoopie pies seen today.
Cookies tend to taste quite different around the world. Most of Europe favors shortbread style cookies. Last time I was in France, I toured a cookie factory. I was surprised by the unique taste and texture of the cookies. They were very dense, with only a hint of sweetness. A very different snack than the silky chocolate chip cookies, I was used to at home.
I have grown up baking all different kinds of cookies, and have learned to master some of my favorite recipes. As my taste grew more sophisticated, so did my cookies. I was allergic to chocolate as a child (crazy I know!), which caused me to develop a much more sophisticated palate than most children. When they were eating chocolate chips cookies, I was eating white chocolate macadamia cookies. My other go-to cookie was the snickerdoodle cookie.
Snickerdoodles are highly known for their crinkled surface and crisp exterior. They are frequently referred to as a sugar cookie, due to the “sugar cookie” base. The key to their cinnamon sugar taste is added, by rolling the dough in a mix of cinnamon powder and granulated sugar.
This recipe has a fluffy look due to the use of shortening (1/2 cup) and baking soda. I was surprised by the soft texture of the cookies. They were by no means, doughy in the middle, but they had a light element than most baking soda based snickerdoodles. The cinnamon chips are a much-needed touch. They elevate the taste to a whole new level. The chips I used were Hershey’s since King Arthur Flour (who also sells them) discourages the shipping of them during the summer months. They added the perfect amount of cinnamon to the cookies.Try these! Even people who do not like snickerdoodles told me they loved them!



Preheat oven to 400 degrees &
Cream butter, shortening, and sugar together.
Blend egg into mixture
In a separate bowl, whisk together: flour, baking soda, salt, and cinnamon
Blend egg into mixture
Gradually add flour mixture to wet mixture. Stir in cinnamon chips.
Scoop dough with truffle scooper or ice cream scooper
Roll in cinnamon sugar mixture, and place on a baking sheet.
Bake for 9-11 min, and allow to cool slightly before serving.