How to Pack For a Picnic

     Summer is in full swing and so is picnic season. Picnics have risen a bit in popularity lately. I really love that! Few things are better than spending afternoon or evening outside on a blanket, listening to a concert and enjoying some of your favorite food.
        Picnics can also be hectic if things go wrong: A swarm of bees/ants invades your picnic, heavy rain washes out your fun, you forgot to pack your blanket and you end up with a lovely rash from the grass, your beloved salad wilted and leaked from its flimsy little container, or you forgot to use bug spray and you end up covered in bug bites.

All of these things can put a damper on your picnic, which is why planning is essential. The key to a perfect picnic is to pack strategically and to thoroughly plan ahead.


 Food Storage is by far one of the most important parts of picnic planning. It will mean the difference between amazing and soggy food. Good quality airtight food containers will keep your food at optimal temperature and texture. Certain brands are great about keeping things cold for several hours.


 Covered beverage holders are nice, and they will help keep unwanted pests from finding your drinks. This goes for bottles, pitchers, and cups. Fruit infused waters are perfect for picnics, because they not only look pretty, but they are light and refreshing. Lemonade and iced tea are also great options and can be mixed if desired.
 Depending on the type of picnic you are planning, pastries can really set the mood. They are especially great for a High tea picnic (my personal favorite), but they work well for any occasion. If you having a barbecue picnic, you can go with something more casual like cookies, or, fruit.
 Cheese spreads are great for picnics (especially night/concert) picnics. You can choose to serve them with an array of nuts, crackers, jams, fruits, and bread.
 I always try to have at least two side dishes. You can certainly serve more, especially if you will be having several guests. Try to opt for different flavors and textures that still work well together.
 Floral displays and other decorative accents will really add to the occasion. I like flowers that suit the venue and picnic theme. Don’t forget a vase or jar full of water, to ensure that your flowers last the whole picnic (specifically in warm weather!)

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